taylor emily copeland



Delaware River, 2010

This is where it started,
the place where you gathered
me into you and wrapped me in
your body, like the warmest
cocoon. The sunlight reflected
off the the soft waves, men
wearing workout pants jogged by -
no one noticed what we started,
there was no one there to say
that it was wrong, that the solace
we took in each other would pierce
our hands and heads, keep a lifetime
of what if's on ice every time your
name was on my breath. The rusting
railing left a faint orange line on
my coat where your body pressed against
mine, our lips meeting over and over.
My shoe untied in the melee of us,
the quick movements of limbs and toes,
and you bent down and tied me back
together, then rose and put my face
in your hands. It still longs to be
back in that space, that crook of jubilation.


Taylor Emily Copeland is a poet from Eastern Pennsylvania. Her poems have recently appeared in Hobo Camp Review, Thick With Conviction, Chantarelle's Notebook, Drown In My Own Fears and The Active Voice. In 2010, she was nominated twice for Best of the Net and also was nominated for Best of the Web. She loves the band Paramore, reads obsessively, likes pink things, drinks too much coffee, drives aimlessly and falls in love too easily. She is unashamed of all of it.



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