chuck von nordheim



Megan Considers Her exs New Girlfriend

I saw the sad-eyed mushroom
him and a fat girl

the two sat in a Starbucks
all lovey dovey

she had droopy porkchop arms
saggy cow udders

rumpled rag of belly rolls
under seam strained tee

cellulite dimples exposed
by a too short skirt

he looked like a man who knew
what he really wanted

he looked straight in her eyes
he wasnt twitchy

makes bile rise up in my throat
to watch them like that

it throws shit on my esteem
him settling for her

tapping my tight bod should make
fatties off limits

Id fuck the nonsense from him
if I had the time


Currently, Chuck lives outside of Dayton, Ohio. Before, he spent 22 years in far dustier and grimier places courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. Unlike other poets, he does not pursue any warm/fuzzy hobbies. He does not quilt. He does not train working dogs for the disabled. He is not a role model for disadvantaged youth. He has, however, considered joining a bowling league.



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