kendall a. bell




all of those days we spent
dancing around innuendo
in small spaces
you'd brush by me
and linger, just a little longer

I watch your eyes
excite while you spoke
and soon after
your hand was on mine
and I could almost feel
the blood in our bodies

you find your way to me
every so often
and throw your arms around me
both of us
squeezing tight
desperate not to let go
slowly, intently
creeping back into each other's lives

we make a clandestine meeting
and this time
find less subtle ways
to travel each other
feeling our heat burst
into molten skin

Originally appeared in Inferno

Kendall A. Bell is a native of Bergen County, NJ who transplanted to Burlington County in early 2001. His poetry deals with the frustration of everyday life, teetering dangerously on sanity's edge and the hope of better days. His work has appeared in numerous print and online journals, most recently Drown In My Own Fears and Zygote In My Coffee. He was nominated for Sundress Publications' 2007 Best of the Net collection. He has self published eleven chapbooks of poems. He has also recorded two spoken word cd's. He is a co-founding member of the Quick And Dirty Poets, Co-editor of the online journal Chantarelle's Notebook and the publisher/editor of Maverick Duck Press. He is a football and music fanatic and resident codger.


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