sara blanton



emotional outpourings past 11pm

You think poems and coffee
as if the last six months
were swept away in some
whitewash of a memory loss.

In and out of sterile halls
and rooms filled with nurses
and doctors who prod and poke
and administer.

I call you my stubborn blonde redneck friend,
as if you could ever stay in the sun for long.

I slip into maudlin sentiment
over the phone and into a poem
it's all too awkward for someone like me,
and it's not about me.

It's about twenty six reasons why
you are too young to leave.
It's about my selfish need to
wake you at 1am to read submissions.

It's about my hollow bones
and you, miles away.
And me, sitting up in bed.
Waiting for news.

Sara Blanton is the editor of the online poetry journal Thick With Conviction and an occasional poet. She was born in New York and has lived in NYC among the artsy types before ending up in PA. Sara loves her wine, dark haired, brooding male singers and good poetry.


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