kristin capezio



Stillness like the Morning

Before the day breaks
And the birds breach the silence of morning
With their infinite inquiry of the day
My soul is lost in the soft bedding of slumber.
In fleeting moments, my heart is tranquil.

A subtle, soothing hypnosis occurs
Between the hours of conscious and
The reliving of days upon days
That has left impressions on a weary mind.

Memory, as discourse and recursive
Is unsettling at any hour
But the few when truth and reality
cannot be reconciled by time.

I am sure to find peace here
As it can be found, without border
Or boundary; in the intimacy of the infinite
Before the day breaks and the embryonic wall collapses.

Kristin Capezio is 25 years old. She lived in Boston, Mass. most of her life, except the few years she spent attaining secondary education at Central University in New Britain, CT. After majoring in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing, Kristin now attends University of Massachusetts in the south end of the city. She's enrolled in the Critical and Creative Thinking Master's Program. She has ambitions to teach and work within her community to improve and enrich the lives of people she meets. As a creative outlet, and often through the use of her course work, Kristin transforms her reality into poetry. She has been interested in writing since early childhood.


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