mk chavez



Climatology: Dangerous Winter

I called and the sounds of childrenís voices
had disappeared. You were so cold.

It was winter in upstate New York. A cycle of seasons
since she left you on a bitter afternoon

alone in your hollow rooms, it echoed even
when no one was speaking. Everything fell but you remained

strong jawed and dry eyed. You locked all the doors.
Iíll keep calling. Itíll be spring again soon.

San Francisco Bay Area Poet MK Chavez writes about strippers, the beauty that can be found in ugliness, the mystery of feeling bad about feeling good, little birds, big consequences. Her work has been anthologized and is published online and in print. Virgin Eyes, a chapbook by Zeitgeist Press is due out in November 2007. Most recent and upcoming publications include Poesy, Poems-for-All, Snow Monkey, Zygote in My Coffee, Instant Pussy, Sisters on the Page, and Underground Voices. Visit her website for more titillation


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