mira christie



Ode To A Husband

I wanted to let you know
that I masturbate at least
five times a week and mostly
while you are at work.

This is what happens
at the end of my work day:
I feed the pets
I eat lunch
and then make my way to the bedroom.
I do not think of you,
but I do feel an enormous
amount of relief and a tingle
from my fingers to my toes
as I lay there with
my panties around my ankles.

Sometimes when you're home
I sneak off to the bedroom
and tell you I'm going to change clothes
pull out pictures of old boyfriends
and muffle the noise with the tv.

I still wish you would fuck me.

I also have elaborate fantasies
about your step brother visiting
in the afternoon for a quickie
so fast that we don't bother with condoms.
He just props me against the cold, brown
paneling and fucks me hard
leaves it in me
and hurries out the door.

I still love you.

I still wait only for you
to fuck these pictures out of my head.

When not distracted by life's trivialities, including her job, Mira Christie writes poems. She writes things off the cuff sometimes. She writes to release or to shock. Either way, she must write. Mira is 28, married and still trying to figure out what the hell to do with her life. She was also recently in the online lit-zine Zygote In My Coffee.


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