mira christie




And so you call me baby
while you're fucking me for the first time
in well over a month
and it only makes me think that
the word baby you keep uttering
is something of a willful gesture
to my inner girl parts
to swallow what you force into me
so that you'll get the son you desperately want

I am apathetic to the whole idea
of motherhood and changing diapers
school meetings and college savings

You scream oh baby
right when you tense up and fill me
thrusting with all your might
to make sure you don't waste a drop
on the sheets

I didn't have the heart to tell you
I went on the pill months ago

When not distracted by life's trivialities, including her job, Mira Christie writes poems. She writes things off the cuff sometimes. She writes to release or to shock. Either way, she must write. Mira's poems have most recently been in Zygote In My Coffee and Drown In My Own Fears. Mira is 29, married and still trying to figure what the hell to do with her life.


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