robert demaree




The lifeguards were talking about tattoos.
She knew what she wanted, one said,
And where it ought to go:
Love conquers all, in Latin.
It was reversible, she thought,
But that came,
Like many things in life,
With imperfections
And at great cost.


Robert Demaree is the author of four collections of poems, including Fathers and Teachers (2007) and Mileposts (2009), both published by Beech River Books. The winner of the 2007 Conway, N.H., Library Poetry Award, he is a retired school administrator with ties to North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, where he lives four months of the year. He has had over 450 poems published or accepted by 100 periodicals, including Cold Mountain Review, Red Wheelbarrow, Homestead Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Drown in My Own Fears and Paris/Atlantic, and in four anthologies including the 2008 and 2010 editions of Poet’s Guide to New Hampshire and Celebrating Poets over 70. He lives in Burlington, N.C. and Wolfeboro, N.H., USA. For further information see

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