danica green



Background Noise


You always watch my eyes

When we're sitting quiet,

Watching tv with the sound way up,

Singing to the radio in the kitchen

While the coffee brews and nothing

Can be said without breaking the tension.

It's in the morning that I notice more,

The glint of black hair in the corner

Of my vision and fingernails clink

Unnoticed on a ceramic handle.

It's in the morning that I notice more

When I can stand to turn my head and

Watch your face as you look away,

The moment you've been waiting for.

It's in the morning that I wonder to myself

How many different parts of you died

When I did.

Danica Green is a UK-based writer whose work has appeared, or is forthcoming in, Smokelong Quarterly, Eclectic Flash, PANK, 3AM Magazine, Short Fast and Deadly, Neon and over twenty anthologies bu Cinnamon Press, Silverland Press, Wicked East Press, Static Movement and The Artillery of Words.


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