john grey



how to sleep

Late, love fades
from the picture,
my weary heart
putters toward sleep,
usually someone is hugging me
who could be anyone
now my eyes are closed,
whose love I let wash over me,
as I mutter the blather she believes.

For best rest Iíve found,
suspend emotions,
vacate all feeling
while the lights are out.
A man can get by
without caring for another soul.
Trust in the nothingness
of deep night.

But itís dawn and Iím yawning.
My body makes the mattress squeak.
Love expects something of me now
in exchange for loveless dreams
I swear I wasnít disloyal.
I just set love aside.
But I kiss my wife on the cheek.
Anything to satisfy love.

John Grey is an Australian born poet and US resident since the late seventies. He works as a financial systems analyst. He was recently published in Slant, Briar Cliff Review and Albatross with work upcoming in Poetry East, Cape Rock and REAL.

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