welcome to the first issue of drown in my own fears. i do hope that you enjoy this first issue. it came together very quickly and i have so many people to thank for that. the response to my call for submissions has been overwhelming, so if you haven't gotten a response from me yet, know that i'm probably still in the process of reading your submission! the next issue won't be until december, but i want those submitting in the future to think about how the holidays and the change of season affects you. think about it and then submit to me. you'll notice that each poet has just one poem on their pages. i've decided to only take one poem per poet for each issue i publish. i know, it seems like i'm making the rules as i go along, but i really want to do something different. i hope you find my efforts to be pleasing to your eyes. thanks again, everyone, for the poetry and the outpouring of kindness to me. it means everything. i mean that.






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