michael keshigian




Lonely wanderer
casts vague frosty glances
through the window
of my room
and enlivens pristine icicles

weighing on trees and wires
to reflect an indifferent
detached smile
which glows amid the black cloudless sky.
Were I to darken my attire

wear an ashen shirt
which resembles your face
could I follow your icy path
and meander beyond the confines of being?
Between the worm holes

and black tunnels of question?
Become more wise than foolish?
Then vanish from sight
with realization
at daylight's peek?

Michael Keshigian's work has appeared in Boston Literary Magazine (w/interview), Bellowing Ark, California Quarterly, Ghoti, and Red River Review as well as many other online and print journals. He has 5 published chapbooks, with 2 Pushcart and 1 Best Of The Net nominations.


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