michael keshigian



The Call

The cloudy cloak of November
diminished light
through the bedroom room window
inlaid with checkerboard relief
as the room grayed
with the surrender of the sun
creating shadows of his offspring,
miming a vortex about the bed,
anticipating a sign
that their father still existed
beneath the deep rumble of heavy breaths
reverberating the walls,
the symmetry of their faces
lost to the question of recovery or departure
born with this rasp,
articulating in their minds,
a riddle with no clue.
The day rode upon the waves
of those convoluted snores,
a slow train
snaking toward a terminal,
approaching the junction
to determine the destination.
The evening was still
one prime time show
from the late news
when the grinding stopped.
He lay, seemingly asleep,
a long quiet sleep on his back
as they stroked the waning warmth
on the skin of his face,
tracing the peaceful curve of his cheek.
The physical comfort
they sought for him is all he took
when the night fell prey
to the carrion truth.

Recently, Michael Keshigian's work has appeared in the Sierra Nevada College Review, Pegasus Review, Adagio Verse Quarterly, Thick With Conviction and Boston Literary Magazine (w/interview) as well as many other online and print journals. He has 5 published chapbooks, with 2 Pushcart and 1 Best Of The Net nominations.


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