michael keshigian




Itís like fishing
on a starless night
when the moon sinks
into midnightís ocean,
our dreams are the hooks
upon which we bait
our raw hearts
and cast
on a monofilament thread,
pass reality
into the splash of the universe,
holding the line tightly
for a nibble
though itís lost to sight.
Its long descent
tightens our stomachs,
dries our tongues,
yet with a sigh of hope
we anticipate
the subtle tug of fulfillment.

Recently, Michael Keshigian's work has appeared in the Sierra Nevada College Review, Pegasus Review, Adagio Verse Quarterly, Thick With Conviction and Boston Literary Magazine (w/interview) as well as many other online and print journals. He has 5 published chapbooks, with 2 Pushcart and 1 Best Of The Net nominations.


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