michael keshigian





He never expected this,

never imagined such a precise failure.

He wanted to describe it as unanticipated,

like the rain suddenly falling

through a fine ocean mist

that shattered the placid countenance

into minute eruptions of foam

transforming the sea

into voluminous purple waves

that startled seagulls

standing by the shoreline.

He chose to concoct inane explanations

about what went wrong,

to extract sympathy from those

who listened and watched,

like the angry young groom

left stranded at the alter,

embarrassed and screeching away

in his car, devoid of safety and logic.

It never occurred to him

that it could be so mundane,

typically hopeless yet predictable,

as tedious as a hangnail,

duller than motivational television

on a hot summer afternoon.

In no way could he have envisioned this

inside his home where he sits alone

at the kitchen table

gripping cold morning coffee

in his pajamas at 4 p.m.



MICHAEL KESHIGIAN  is the author of six poetry chapbooks. His poetry has been widely published in numerous national and international journals, appearing as the feature writer for The Aurorean, Poetree Magazine, Chantarelleís Notebook, Bellowing Ark, Pegasus Review, The Illogical Muse, interviewed by Boston Literary Magazine (bostonliterarymagazine.com/Fall2007 Spotlight) and Readerís Choice in the Fairfield Review. Recently, his collection of poems entitled Lunar Images, was set to music for Clarinet, Piano, and Narrator by Boston composer Dennis Leclaire and premiered at Del Mar College in Texas on November 5, 2010.  A Boston premier took place on March 7, 2011 at the Berklee College of Music. (michaelkeshigian.com)



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