arielle lancaster-labrea



After leaving here

I opened all the windows to let out the rest of your pain.
I turned your Facebook page into a shrine.
I cried over the stove where you left a burnt cookie tray.
I built a fort with all of your books and hid in it for a week.
I swore I saw your eyes blink in that picture I took of us in Philly.
I pasted all of your poems into pages of other books at the library.
I sat by the shore to listen to your beating heart.
I swam out as far as I could to find the place where it stopped.



Arielle Lancaster-LaBrea is the editor of the online poetry zine, Thick With Conviction. She works a daily job that isn't quite as rewarding, but figures most people do that, too. She loves rock music, relaxing outside with a coffee or a beer and a cigarette, reading old and new poetry and a ton of other things that do not need to go in her so-called 'poetic bio', which was entirely devoid of publication credits until recently. You can find Arielle in Decompression, Work to a Calm and in the forthcoming issue of Scythe.


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