natalie lorenzo



her mantra

she peels oranges in mid-afternoon
lets the spray from the rind
cover counters and anything around
all the curtains are on the floor
spring forces itself into the house
front door - open
as if to let someone
into her life to share
a bite of sweetness
a taste of what she offers
she ignores for a few more minutes
all the projects she's started today
and wraps her small lips
around the bursting pulp
the sweet and the sour
mingling in her
it becomes her mantra

Natalie Lorenzo is a 26 year old poet born in Washington, DC, raised in New Jersey and now living in California. Among the scant few who have published her are online journals such as Thick With Conviction and Baker's Dozen Literary Review. She also enjoys music, rollerblading, photography, drawing and hiking. She has an unhealthy attachment to Panera Bread and fears she may be forcibly removed from one of their stores in the future.


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