natalie lorenzo




Each word rings in her ears
like the pierce of an
early morning alarm clock
every encouragement is carried like
a diamond ring in the chest
pocket of her most comfortable shirt
he is an embrace with the lights off
a paper cup with her hands wrapped
around to take the chill out
he is the reassurance of change
and the keeper of her thoughts
on a chilly April evening

She will dream of him again tonight

Natalie Lorenzo is a 26 year old poet born in Washington, DC, raised in New Jersey and now living in California. A few of the online journals Natalie was most recently in are Baker's Dozen Literary Review and Sunken Lines. She also enjoys music, rollerblading, photography, drawing and hiking. She has an unhealthy attachment to Panera Bread and fears she may be forcibly removed from one of their stores in the future. Her website is


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