raina masters



Sink or swim
-for Sarah

The last sounds I hear are my
car's idle and the faint hum of
my cell phone on vibrate.

I will walk into this lake
like a goddess, let the ducks
and geese watch me slowly disappear
as my long, blonde hair spirals
around the algae tinted water,
as I hold my breath and watch it
ripple around my body.

For a minute, I even thought of
just swimming through the murk,
to get to the other side of the pond
to rid my sinuses of the stench of
this water, until I realized why I
did this in the first place.

I tire of all of this.
There are no answers to find on
my Facebook page or in my car.
I will leave you all to figure out
why I couldn't remain on this earth.

Raina Masters writes poems, occasionally shares them and is hoping to submit more in the future. Raina spends most of her time daydreaming about faraway places and loves music, the quiet of a walk in cold weather and the happiness a warm blanket provides.


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