john muth



Persian Rug


My ex-girlfriend

Bought me this rug,

A sea of royal blue

That I never vacuum.


Sock lint at eye level

Is a graveyard of snowmen

Melting in the sun.


Itís itchy when youíre naked,

Like the floor of a barber shop.


She came over tonight,

Left a cloud of Indian food

And French perfume,

A cheap hair clip,

And a spasm in my right calf

That wonít go away.


Iíd go to bed,

But Iím too tired.


Too bad our love

Was never as good as the sex.



John Muth is an academic advisor at Rutgers University. Born and raised in New Jersey,He has been writing poetry for the last twenty years. One of his main sources of inspiration concerns the less romantic experiences of romantically involved people. His poetry has been published in, The Stray Branch and Asinine Poetry.


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