jeremy rich



On the Birth of Our Daughter

Casting a shadow so much bigger than her frame.
a magician that steals the orbs right off my face.
left to look through
my heart's eyes
to see by feeling
hers open and are ours.
Smoke, mirrors,
diminutive reflection.

The puppeteer,
fluttering flourish of deft digits
pulls people to frenzy
commands with invisible strings
draws my soul through my chest
sharp, electric, fleecy nuzzle
fading, dull plugged-in pains

directing the sounds and motions of life
with wild waving hands.
enslaved orchestra kept in key.
makes my soul sweat tears inside
wringing me of
incredible emotion

glowing more brilliant fallen terrestrial
a scintillating brightness,
floating the world
around her
glimmering radiance
to be orbited
the core
the center
arrival achieved
every breath a new experience

Jeremy Rich has published several poems in various print and online journals like Watershed, Take Back The Night, Chantarelle’s Notebook, Ceremony, Thick with Conviction, Speedpoets, Poetic Hours, and others. He is currently an 8th grade Language Arts teacher in Colorado, but was a long time chef in California.

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