lucille schulklapper




We were sisters,
Judith and I,

little puppies
sucking air,

flung like empty
bottles from

a moving car, to
lie broken in

the pitted road,

small pieces glinting
in the sunlight,

in the headlights of
a passing car.

Inside my rotisserie,
Judith cries.

I hear her
through the tempered glass.

A workshop Leader for The Florida Center for the Book and the Palm Beach Poetry Festival, Lucille Schulklapper writes fiction and poetry. She has won awards and competitions from the National League of Pen Women: Nob Hill Branch, Icarus International Poetry Competition, The Florida Chapter of The Mystery Writers of America, Palm Beach Repertory Theater, the R. Rofihe Trophy and others. Her work has been anthologized and appears in many publications, as well as in four poetry chapbooks, What You Cannot Have, The Substance of Sunlight, Godd, Itís Not Hollywood, and In The Tunnel.

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