josh thompson



One Day It Happened

one day it happened. you awoke with no dreams to tell him about. your mind a barren warehouse. inventory has been lost. one day it happened. you awoke and looked at him and saw a man you didnít recognize. you thought of another not so far away. walking distance if you put on your sneakers and started right away. in the morning light you could reach the other, but you stay where you are, at home with discomfort. he looks at you and smiles something generic. something youíve seen before and donít remember being impressed by. one day it happened. you awoke and the sun didnít shine through the shades. it stayed dark. and in the shadows of your room you stare at the distances you fear reaching for. he smiles and you return the movement even though it hurts your pretty face to do so. you donít have to tell anyone. these things happen.

Josh Thompson is a poet and short story writer from New York City. His works have appeared in The Coe Review, The Ugly Tree, Ballard Street Poetry Journal and Thick With Conviction, among others. His first e-book of poetry is entitled When All Else Fails, Try Dreaming and was published by Literary Road in 2006. He currently lives in Rockaway Beach, NY and continues to read Bukowski on a daily basis for strength and to keep him somewhat sane.


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