josh thompson



two days in yuma

in a border town
we lost our heads
and stapled flowers
to the motel walls

the rental car
hit a tree
and we both
walked away
with just headaches

the moon
went down
the same way
every night

and we made
like two people do
when they’re not in

and the cats
outside the window
kept us up
way past
our bedtimes

in a border town
we found our heads
under the covers
breathing in rhyme.

Josh Thompson is a poet and short story writer from New York City. His work has appeared in The Coe Review, The Ugly Tree, Thick With Conviction, Poetry Superhighway and Right Hand Pointing, among others. His first book of poetry is entitled When All Else Fails, Try Dreaming and was published by Literary Road in 2006. He probably drinks too much and reads Bukowski to make himself feel better. He is going on 30 and fears the bumpy road ahead.

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