j. michael wahlgren



The Musician

Thereís a chance, one-in-a-million,
That Iíll approach

The girl on the quad from the marching band,
Sit down next to her, & like a stranger offer my candy:

A long pop sugar-coated, turning to rain
As she fingers her trumpet for all the world to see.

Thereís gum inside. Thereís a rectory of sugar, melting
Inside a riverís mouth.

The flow of the music, tarp-covered stage,
Where she places me to sing,

For the knots to untie, soundly. I am only a note,
A mere tenor to her whole note. Thereís little

Fascination with a triangle player,
If only my hypotenuse stood erect

In a city where strangers
Meet regularly for practice.

J Michael Wahlgren edits for Gold Wake Press. He is author of Silent Actor (Bewrite, 2008), Chariots of Flame & Pre-elixir (Maverick Duck Press).


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