christian ward




The diner stands alone against the night,
a lit backdrop of glass and neon fighting
against the crow-black landscape. Each
person and object becomes a new recruit

for the cause the woman in the dusk
coloured dress, the empty coffee pot,
the man with the fedora scanning the New
York Times crossword. The politics

of their silence are the pieces on the chess
board that will shape the battle. They
will carry their wounds with them tomorrow
and the day after and the day after that,

listening to them singing from deep
inside the marrow of their bones, every note
a snapshot of the time they fought
to retain the right to carry love and hope.

Christian Ward is a 28 year old London based poet currently moonlighting as a freelance journalist. He recently graduated from Roehampton University, London, with a degree in
English Literature and Creative Writing and is hoping to start an MA in Creative Writing next year.


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